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Manufacturer Karl Krause
Model BE4
Year 1908
Serial number 106557
Size 43 * 31 cm
Restored 2019

Krause Embossing Press for blind embossing, relief printing and die cutting.  Several German manufacturers made embossing presses based on this toggle mechanism design.
The toggle mechanism is located below the press bed, and moves the press bed rather than the platen.  The distance between the bed and platen can be adjusted by a wedge mechanism between the piston and the press bed.  This Krause embossing press is not heated. Heated variants were available using steam, gas, electric power, or heated metal rods as heat source.

We also have a similar Dietz & Listing press with electric heating; and a British made Imperial arming press for hot foil printing.

The press’ name plate does not state the year of manufacture but can be dated based on the serial number.  Preserved documents from the Krause factory shows that machines with serial numbers from 104400 up to 109900 were manufactured in 1908.